1. Make a Fedora18 vagrant box

    Written by Miguel González on 2013-06-17

    In a few words:

    1) Download fedora install image. In my case I got Fedora-18-i386-netinst.iso. 2) Install fedora on virtualbox. It is a regular installation but taking into account:

    > -   Root password: vagrant
    > -   User: vagrant with vagrant as password
    > -   Disable password prompt for sudo
    > -   Install sshd
    > -   Copy vagrant.pub to .ssh/authorized\_keys

    3) Package virtual machine as a Vagrant box:

        $ vagrant package --base Fedora-18-i386 --output Fedora-18-i386.box

    Then, to start a brand new new virtual machine:

    $ mkdir newproject
    $ cd newproject
    $ vagrant init fedora18 /path/to/Fedora-18-i386.box
    $ vagrant up

    To login with ssh:

    $ vagrant ssh

    And to halt or suspend vagrant halt or vagrant suspend.

    I took great inspiration in this script that automatizes debian boxes building from scratch.

  2. First step with sugar

    Written by Miguel González on 2013-06-13

    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ X :0 &> /dev/null &
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ export DISPLAY=:0
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ SUGAR_LOGGER_LEVEL=debug sugar-session
  3. Hello all

    Written by Miguel González on 2013-06-12

    Hi all!